Thursday, 9 August 2012

day 10- BEYOD teachers

The article reminded me of a comparison between pencil and electronic devices that Gordon had mentioned a few weeks ago, by which the use of pencil in classroom would be as risky as electronic devices, for example the students are not allowed to use pencils in classroom because they might write inappropriate things or stab eachother. In fact,even now, we still have students who do not use pencils the way they should, they write messages on their papers, while (not) listening to their teacher, or draw, instead of taking notes, etc. I think the use of technology in class will increase and they will replace pen and paper. It is the teacher's task to manage the use of it and to teach the students how to take benefit of it in class. However, I'm not sure if just by allowing the students to use their electronic devices in class would reduce the risk of distraction by using them inappropritely in class.

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