Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 7-Nancy White's article (curation)

To be honest, when I saw the title, I was tempted to google the definition of "curation", as it was really new to me, but I resisted and read the first paragraph, and then I decided to continue on, as I realized that the article is aimed at defining that term. Finally, I liked the idea of curation and I think it is the most useful component in a learning process for everyone. It is all about Inquiry (which was also new to me when I started my B.Ed. program) and Sharing the information. Nancy Whites considers some key concepts in her definition: Inquiry, sharing, theme, context and ownership of learning. This relates to the previous article we read on podcating in that we want the students to be creators instead of consumers. We should keep in mind that teachers are not anymore deliverers who lecture for one hour, like an actor/actress on the scene with a monologue, and the stuents as audience. Actually, the teacher is the director, but the students create the dialogue and play roles and create the play. The knowledge is not given and taken, it is built coopertaivly by inquiry and sharing.

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